Finally the Secrets to Explosive Power,
Speed & Agility
are unleashed...

Taught in Australia by only one instructor... Mark Green... you too can learn this
Powerful Ancient Fighting System


Martial Arts Expert and Specialised Conditioner for :

  Sea Eagles   Bulldogs   Rebels

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"..Jute is at once a subtle and sophisticated art form and a devastating and potentially brutal martial art."

"...When I witnessed the display of fluid power and speed of movement on our intro lesson, I was literally blown away."

"...I can honestly say without hesitation that Jute is by far the most potent method I have seen of harnessing, directing and expressing internal power."

"...To be in the presence of such skill is both humbling and unnerving."

The Jute System... developing advanced Martial Artists

The Jute System is a unique and specialised system developed specifically for advancing martial artists who want to learn:

  • Explosive combat technique
  • Trapping and body angling
  • Edge weapons, stick, empty hand
  • Deceptive legwork
  • Lightning speed
  • Fluid movement

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